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Thread: What are the worst and best guns you have ever used?

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    Default What are the worst and best guns you have ever used?

    The best and worst gun I have ever used were two models of the SA80 family.

    The L85A1 was like a gun made by a contemporary Alfa Romeo. It looked good, was ergonomically sound and very accurate but would break down frequently and rust as you watched it. The L85A2 was like the same gun made by Volkswagen. All the faults were ironed out and is arguably the best standard issue rifle in the world, certainly the most accurate. They are visibly almost identical save the much improved $#@!ing handle but the difference is huge.

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    I used only one gun

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    I have a gun that shoots the best, and I occasionally shoot it to see how it will behave. I like the 9mm the best, its comfortable, and you dont have to strain too much while aiming. I usually buy bronze rounds for my gun at They count well with my rifle and sell for a reasonable price. If this gun werent so convenient and cheap, it wouldnt be used by many people. I think its important to know your class of weapon, so you dont waste ammunition. Its like with food. You have to try it too before eat.
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