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Thread: HDi Dash Light Chasing and Air Con fault

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    Default HDi Dash Light Chasing and Air Con fault

    I am putting the red light on the temperature gauge, rightly or wrongly, down to the air con not working.

    Read an interesting post on here about the Air Con ECU not have a dialogue with Lexia. Whatever I do, mine will not come up. I am left wondering particularly in light of my next comment whether Citroen just ended fitting a different Air Con ECU that what the VIN is registered to and hence Lexia will not pick up something that it is not linked to. Having said that, I have changed the main ECU and soldered the old immobiliser chip across, it wonder if there is an IC inside the main ECU that contains information about what Air Con system is installed?

    Looking at the factory manual there are four pins going to the air con relay but with 5 wires connected (2 going into 1). However, mine doesn't have that. It has 4 pins and 4 wires. I assume the 2 going into 1 is supposed to be the high load side.

    Anyway, the clutch doesn't engage. I have tried bridging the high load with a paperclip and even applying direct battery voltage from the battery so I am guessing this means the compressor either needs replacing or a shim removing to get the pulley closer to the clutch.

    I assume the Pressostat is the cylinder on top of the offside wing on an HDi Xantia. Is this right? If so, is that technically the trinary switch? I get 13V on pin 3 which is from the fusebox and also 13V on Pin 1 which comes from the air con ECU. I assume therefore that this means the Air Con ECU is live?

    The temperature gauge inside the cabin does not show the outside temperature anymore and needs replacing. Does this mean that the air con would not kick in if the ECU doesn't receive that information? One would think that it would have a default mode to run even if this is not working. Could I put a resistor across the wires to fool it into thinking the outside temperature is 30 degrees does anyone reckon?

    Stupidly, I bridged the low side wires on the air con relay connector yesterday and am left wondering if I have blown something. I am sure I was seeing 13V on 3 pins at one point...

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    Problems with air conditioning in the car are very common. And of course it's stupid to repair everything yourself when you don't really understand it. There can be any kind of breakdown from the leakage of liquid from the air conditioner to problems with the wiring. I would advise you to contact specialists in this matter. And it's better not when everything is already broken, but once a year as a preventive examination. I have been applying to a team of professionals who perform high-quality repairs for 5 years and I have no problems.

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