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    Hello everyone. I have a jammed gate at the driveway and I cant stop by and park my car. Please advise me of repair specialists.

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    Do you have an automatic gate or a mechanical one?

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    Don't try to fix it yourself. You'll only make it worse.

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    I had a similar situation. I live in a very rainy place and one day after the rain, too much water got inside the mechanism of my gate and it stopped opening. I also tried to solve the problem myself, but nothing came of it. In my case, it really was a job for professionals. After some time that I spent in Google, I found the guys who are engaged in repairing the gate and called them. They arrived and they had to disassemble part of the gate in order to get to the place of the problem. They had to completely replace one part, as it was completely covered with rust. I hope I was able to help you.

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