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Thread: How to add JavaScript to custom module

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    Default How to add JavaScript to custom module

    Hi, I want to create custom module for animated number. I already have the HTML and js. My question is, do I click add new custom module and insert both codes on the same page or do I have to add js somewhere else? I've read the documentation but still don't understand them.

    Thanks in advanced and sorry if my English is all jumbled up, since it's not my native language

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    I have the same problem.

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    Unfortunately, it isn't easy to give you any clear instructions without details. Did you put everything in one module or different ones? Would you please tell us in more detail?
    As a last resort, if you fail, try to contact specialists. I think it will be much easier to implement your project with them. I can even recommend you a good website — There are many intelligent specialists in the field of java and other programming languages.
    If not, then try to change the location of the record or use plugins. They are also sometimes needed.

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