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    And here we are.
    I cant find modern furniture for workshops
    I find a tree with only a large amount of wood ... or plastic with a lot of plastic
    Modular systems like these are great, you can just add them when needed

    Any ideas, links?

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    Those are the Northward desks.

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    How do all these pieces of furniture, racks, fasteners affect the sound/reflections?

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    This looks super nice and professional. It is also very expensive. I am an aspiring musician. I do not yet have the resources for something as good as Northward. I am in love with them but I am just not at that step in my career yet. I had to make a make-shift recording studio room with DIY noise cancellation and some regular furniture from here as it is the only thing I can afford at this point. I furnished this room as little as possible. The recordings sound pretty good, but they would be so much better if I had professional equipment. One day I will be able to afford it
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    Nowadays it's not that hard to find furniture. There are a lot of stores, but when it comes to furniture for kids, then everything can be more complicated. When I was looking for new wooden toys and a table for my kids, I wanted to buy something quality and safe. Luckily, in some time, I came across this store, WoodandHearts, where I found a vast selection of furniture, including Montesorry furniture.

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    Hey there! With a wide variety of fancy, is one of the best furniture shops in PA. The brand is known for its quality and unique designs. It uses good quality raw materials, so you don’t have to worry about durability.

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