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Thread: Poker Apps - anybody winning?

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    JL commented on A Little Coffee... a while back that several winning pros he knew could not beat the apps, implying that they were rigged in some way. I have also had the same experience - I have beaten loads of online sites since 2001 (for over $1.5 million) but could not beat Upoker or Pokerbros. I also had the worst downswings ever on those apps, both times after initially winning substantially after about 10k hands. Other successful pros at my local casino also lost and gave up. Anybody else here have the same experience, or is there possibly someone who has actually won after a meaningful sample of hands? (20k+)

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    There are really good ones out there, but most of them, just trash. Be careful, it's very easy to lose your money.

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    I only like those ones where you don't play with real money.

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    Winning in poker can be pretty difficult! To me, this is the most difficult game out of every single one of them. Luck is not the only thing that you need in order to win. You need a strategy and more than that, you have to play your cards right. I have started playing poker on and I am thinking about doing it in real life since it is way different from a digital one. This way, I will be able to meet new people and ask them about different tips and tricks for this game. I am always having fun and a great time!

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    I have been thinking for a long time about how to make money on the Internet and could not think of anything, all the ways were low-paying. I decided that I would work a little at such jobs and try to play at the casino . I liked this site due to the fact that there are so many games. Good luck to you!

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