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Thread: Home Automation, what do you recommend?

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    Default Home Automation, what do you recommend?

    Not sure if this is a better fit for here or Off Topic. Please move if this is the wrong forum. Anyway, we are doing a large remodel on a 50-year-old house, and I am wondering what the current best choices are for Home Automation - mostly re lighting and outlet control, but also want to learn what other goodies are possible. My current state of knowledge is X-10, which I would guess is many generations obsolete. Thanks.

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    The best way to start home automation is to look for a product on Amazon and install it.

    This can be

    A power switch
    A bulb with presence sensor
    A WiFi camera

    These devices give you a sense of what it feels like when you get up and light automatically switches on. Remotely see what's happening at your home.

    Once you start getting more comfortable with the experience add more products.

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    You should also get a security system. A good one is going to be pretty expensive, but trust me, it is worth it. A friend of mine got his house robbed a couple of days ago because we did not have any security system or even some basic cameras. After this incident, he had decided to buy a Vivint smart home in order to protect his house. Fortunately, everything was insured and the insurance company was able to give him money for this incident. You cannot be too careful these days because there are many people who want to steal from you. It is pretty terrible

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