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    In addition to woodwork, some of us here are also engaged in metalworking. I do my fair share in spurts depending on the needs of the job. To this end, whenever I do woodworking, I am sure that 80% of all work is grinding. I started doing it with humor, but when I thought about it and started choosing the time, the schedule kind of turned into what I did in my last tree project.
    I thought about all these things and made a diagram comparing them. Are you interested in your thoughts about how much you grind as a percentage ?
    I know it's unscientific and all projects vary a lot, but one constant I always experience is how much I grind. Even with great machines and grinders, I always end up sanding and scraping if I want to get a good finish. And even after the wood is sanded, the finish is also sanded or covered with steel wool !

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    I used to grind a lot more, now I use a hand plane or various other cutters to remove the marks from the saw.

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    The older I get, the more I appreciate sharp saws, planes and card scrapers.

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    I started out doing woodwork. It was more of a hobby that I tried earning money from. I have done a couple of jobs and earned a little money. Then a friend of mine suggested I try working with metal. He was working with metalwork back then and introduced me to it teaching me how it is done. From that point on, I work with metal and I absolutely love it. Here and there I might do something with wood but that is quite rare. I am proud of most of my metalwork. I get inspired by looking at some interesting pieces I find on the internet. One of my favorite sources of inspiration

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