Has anyone attempted the test shown here, it explains the scoring system and how to perform the test.
https://rockandice.com/videos/climbing/the-strength-you-need-to-climb-9c-5-15d-the-ultimate-climbing-test/ 920
It is a 4 step test that allegedly shows you your theoretical max grade possible. I gave it a go yesterday with the equipment i have available at home which wasn't ideal but it was all I had. I was using a lattice rung (top jug) for the max pull up and hang rather than a bar. I don't think it affected the end result all that much.
Scores below.
Test 1.
5 second hang 20mm edge with 120% body weight - 3 points
Test 2.
Max pull up 120% body weight -3 points
Test 3.
Core - 30 seconds L sit with bent knees - 3 points
Test 4.
Max Hang - 1 minute - 2 points
Total 11 points - 7a+/5.12a
I've not climbed anywhere near this level for some time or indeed ever really(indoors doesn't really count), which does support my climbing partners theory that i am stronger than the grades i currently punter about on. Be interested to hear if anyone else has done the test and how it correlated to their real world abilities.