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Thread: Ebay/gumtree/shock tool chests with tools...any good?

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    Default Ebay/gumtree/shock tool chests with tools...any good?

    Seen a lot of the following branded tool chests on eBay, gumtree & shpock etc
    Munich tool
    Swiss Kraft
    Kraft Muller
    IF tools
    Wondering if anyone on here has bought them? if they're any good, decent enough to give to someone as a present or if embarrassingly poor quality.
    They come with eva style foam trays and various tools.. obviously made in China.

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    I bought the "US Pro" chest on ebay and am very happy with it. However, by the difference in price with and without the tools, you can tell that the tools they attach to them will not be great.

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    You are right. The Chinese instruments are terrible. If you use them every day, they will wear out quickly. So do not skimp and buy something reliable and of high quality. I have often made the big mistake of purchasing low-quality tools. I work with metal, and accuracy is essential in my business. And with the wrong tools, it is hard enough to do that. Either they break, or I ruin the material. Recently, another pair of pliers broke, so I decided to spend the money on something reliable and of good quality. After searching a little on the internet, I came across this website, where I found pliers of excellent quality. I did not feel wrong about the money I paid for them because the price justified the quality.

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