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Thread: is it a dog park or not?

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    Default is it a dog park or not?

    I just read another post where someone said: "Why would you take Dogo to the dog park?" I am aware of their capabilities. My friend is breeding dogo. His man weighs 160 pounds. he said that he takes it all the time, and that's good. I have 2 boys, they are 3 and a half months old. I would like to start taking them after they get all the vaccinations in 4 months, for socialization, and I was wondering what other dog owners would say about this.

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    Dog parks are good for socialization. Why not?

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    I have a big dog and do not have any problems so far. It usually depends on the training of a dog and how it copes with other animals. Mine is kind even with cats and I can consider it very cute. Btw, I have read plenty of articles about dogs and their training, including about their behavior in the parks. It is not going to be any problems even if your dog is not trained. You just need to watch her all the time. Anyway, dog parks can be nervous to dogs with a specific character, so you should be ready for this. If you need to read some additional info, you can see this platform as I usually get there a huge amount of useful stuff.

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