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Thread: Granite worktop DIY

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    Default Granite worktop DIY

    I'm thinking of putting a granite worktop in my kitchen and I'd like some info from those who've done this as a DIY project.
    The plan is to build a wooden frame and have the granite slab on top. It's just a plain, rectangular slab (no holes, etc).
    The questions are:
    - What is the correct thickness for the slab (not thin enough to crack, not over-thick)?
    - Are there standard sizes that are cheaper than bespoke sizes?
    - If I want an approximate 3m x 600mm top should I get that as two 1.5m lengths and butt them (why, cheaper, less likely to break)?
    - Are there different types that vary in price, are better for kitchen use (color, etc)?
    - What sort of weight do I need to allow for when building the frame (should it even be wood, is metal or brick pillars better)?
    - Where's best to buy (in the Lousa/Goís area)?
    - Is free delivery normal or how much should I allow for delivery?
    - Roughly what sort of price do you think a suitable slab would be?
    Any other things that I've missed please point out.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I didn`t do the countertop myself, but I had a granite countertop. Of the pros I can highlight the fact that it`s a very beautiful stone, quite strong and sturdy, this stone can have many color variations, so the countertops have exclusive colors. But even such a durable material turned out to have its disadvantages – it`s exposed to water, cause if the work surface of the table will constantly get wet, then product will begin to show stains soon. And since I was tired of constantly taking care of it, I chose Quartz from Quartz Worktops Leeds cause this material doesn`t assume such an intensive care.

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