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Thread: Car Cleaning and Automobile cleaning tips?

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    Default Car Cleaning and Automobile cleaning tips?

    I know that most historians here in London prefer DIY.

    So I thought about making this thread. I prefer to wash my car myself. And even detail it with your own hands. So, any of you guys who want to share your tips and tricks. And your homemade solutions for washing care, detailing the exterior or interior, this can help our fellow historians to keep their trips clean and fresh.


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    If there are old stains, use a solvent.

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    When I wash my car, I always have a vacuum cleaner, a pressure hose, a sponge, a brush, and detergents with me. I start cleaning from the inside of the car. This way, you will not dirty the vehicle from the outside when you clean the interior. I also advise you to buy a solvent if you have old stains.
    But the easiest way, of course, is to go to the car wash. For a small fee, they will wash the whole car for you, and you will rest. I realized the advantages of cleaning services after I turned to Their employees cleaned the floors in my office so quickly and efficiently that now I only do general cleaning.

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