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    The problem soon discussed has my mind reeling. (You will soon clearly see that I lack an engineering degree!)

    Some time ago I became fascinated by the giant Mechem NTW-20 anti-material rifle. While it is not the only man-portable anti-material that exists, the ones that do exist seem to max out near the 20x110mm cartridge size and energy levels. The Mechem uses a recoiling barrel and action, with what appears to be a hydraulic shock/damper below the barrel.

    Rifles such as that one have got me thinking about just how big of a cartridge might be possible to fire from a large rifle format which is not actually bolted down--if the right means of recoil management were employed beyond simple addition of system weight total. Naturally, the first recoil mitigating devices which come to mind would be similar to the NTW-20's; some kind of shock/damper system with a tunable bound rate to change the deceleration profile of the force.

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    Thank you for sahring

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    I am using a small scope for my AK-47. I wanted to have the best AK-47 scope, so before buying it, I searched for a bigger scope, but I have read on different forums that there is no need for a big scope on such rifles. It is all because as bigger is the scope, as heavier is the gun, it won't be comfortable shooting it. After all, it is not so easy to control an AK-47 while shooting it continuously. Hence, a small and accurate scope is the best decision because it won't make the rifle heavier and help shoot more accurately.


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