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Thread: Giving up on treatment

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    Default Giving up on treatment

    For a month and a half, I almost gave up treatment. There is no room in my head for that. Maybe I was just letting myself solve some of the problems I had. Like everything else, you get back to what works. So, going back to my sessions with my psychologist, here is what is next. I have done some serious tests and I think that for a while I just had enough medical care, which sounds ungrateful, I cannot deny my gratitude for them. The help of a psychologist and a consultant was very helpful.

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    In any case, you can not refuse treatment.

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    In connection with what did you have such thoughts?

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    It would help if you didn't refuse treatment. This is why there is such a profession as a psychologist. This would be the same thing if you refused to be treated by a doctor or medical insurance. I have been working as a doctor for about fifteen years, and I had had such cases when patients refused treatment. As a result, they got worse, and they were coming back begging for help. As a doctor, I am obliged to insist on treatment and medical insurance. I even discount my patients to convince them. But everyone decides for himself what he needs, and often they make a choice, not in favor of their health. So, it would help if you didn't refuse treatment.

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