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Thread: Spanish-English translation

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    Default Spanish-English translation

    Today doing underground install in same ditch over sewer line. Plumbers speak limited English so I ask my guy to ask if they had their inspection.
    They go back and forth for a minute or two, I am thinking there must be a problem. When they are done I ask my guy, What did he say?
    He said yes.
    How many Spanish words does it take to say yes?

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    It seems to me that a dictionary will be better than a translator

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    Which translator do you use?

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    Did they use a translator? It's just that if they used a translator, they entered one word at a time. For the translation to be more closely related in meaning, they needed to insert full sentences. When I was learning French, I used a translator and . We were constantly writing Essays and these two appendices were necessary. By the way, the translator usually translated only when I wrote full sentences. Of course, you can use a dictionary instead of a translator, but this one will take a lot of time. In such cases, you need to know at least a little of the language to correct the translation, if anything.

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