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Thread: MI ART] Adorable Home - Let's Build Our Dream House

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    Default MI ART] Adorable Home - Let's Build Our Dream House

    How are you? Hope you are doing well. The end of February, and I want to share you about a fun game. I am playing this game for the first time the developer launched the game to public until now (I am also joined Beta tester of this game. LOL). I am enjoying and like playing it. And I hope you will like it too! The name is Adorable Home. If you love decorating and cat game, I believe you should try this game. Adorable Home developed by HyperBread, a simulation game which quite popular in Twitter.

    So, let's check my review!

    R E V I E W
    The idea of this game is simple. You and your partner move to new (empty) house, and need to decorate your home. The problem is you need a lot of money (in this game, we called it heart) to build your dream home. So what should we do to get more heart and build our home?You can purchase it with real money or.... keep reading my review because I'll give you my success tips. LOL. But, first of all... this is the first view of your game. First thing first, you need to choose your character and your partner.

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    There are a lot of tips that you can use to build a great house. Paint your rooms in light colors. Dark rooms don't look as big, and dark colors tend to make rooms seem more minor. Paint your ceilings white. The more golden color makes the room seem taller, which in turn makes it feel more spacious. Use light colors for your walls and light colors for your floors. Hang mirrors opposite windows. I've found out these tips when I worked with the guys from They came with a great house plan and answered all my questions.

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