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Thread: What is lockout / tagout?

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    Default What is lockout / tagout?

    Having a lockout / tagout (LOTO) program is an OSHA requirement for controlling hazardous energy (electrical energy, mechanical energy, hydraulic energy, pneumatic energy, etc.) in the workplace. An effective LOTO program for electrical energy utilizes physical locks and tags that workers attach to equipment before working on a machine. This lets others know the machine has been de-energized and should not be turned back on.
    When someone is performing maintenance or servicing a machine, de-energizing it will eliminate the majority of electrical hazards. Controlling that hazardous energy helps to keep workers safe and reduces the risk of arc flash. It is important workers understand the proper lockout / tagout procedures:

    1. Identify all sources of power.
    2. Shut down equipment and disconnect power sources.
    3. Attach locks and tags to ensure sources are kept disconnected.
    4. Confirm the equipment has been completely de-energized.

    Did you know LOTO is consistently one of OSHA’s most violated standards? If you have a LOTO program in your facility, what efforts have you had to make to keep the program compliant? Share your experiences below!

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    Lockout/Tagout is a safety procedure used to shut off power to machinery or equipment before work can be performed on a machine or equipment. The purpose is to prevent the worker from being injured by equipment that experiences a mechanical failure and needs to be fixed or maintained. Anyway, you need to find a good quality LOTO set. I bought last week TRADESAFE from the best lockouts provider in our area. They delivered it to me the next day, and I am very delighted with them. You can take a look because they have friendly and exciting offers.

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