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Thread: HVAC Control unit continually resets

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    Default HVAC Control unit continually resets

    Hi, everybody,

    It looks like I have a problem with the heater control unit on my 997.1 where it doesn't turn on. The whole system starts with ignition and everything seems normal, but then the device seems to reset (all lights go out, fans stop, etc.) and turns back on after a second or two.

    It was relatively intermittent, but over the past few months it has started to gradually deteriorate and now lasts from 5 to 20 seconds before restarting, then a few more seconds, restarting, etc.

    I checked the fuses are OK, and the problem occurs when the ambient mode and no (exclude no problem whether it's air-conditioned?)
    Another idea was to loosen the connection, or disconnect the wire, but I checked that the connectors are securely fastened and vents seem to affect neither shock nor to the coil wires.

    Any suggestions on diagnosing this problem are welcome. For example, how to check the continuity of the ignition power supply to exclude damaged wires, or whether this is a known problem noticed by others.

    I welcome you in advance!

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    Wow man, its so strange

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    Well, I can assume that a periodically occurring malfunction indicates that the fuses are in order. I think that most likely the heater control unit is faulty and I think it needs to be checked and replaced with a serviceable unit, then you will see a situation where reading the unit's fault code will also help identify the faulty element. You can try this method, but I advise you to contact a master who is a qualified specialist, he will definitely help you. You can also do it here search for information about it and if you're interested, I'm sure you'll get what you were looking for.

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