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Thread: Do you tip your plumber?

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    Default Do you tip your plumber?

    I just got an e-invoice and there is a spot for a tip. I don’t want to be a cheapskate because I really like this guy’s work but I’ve never heard of tipping a plumber. Thoughts?

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    Yep, I tip my plumber every time!

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    First of all, the working time depends on the experience and qualifications of the plumber. Also, some have their characteristics, for example, one works slowly, but his work is perfect. There is a second category of plumbers, these are those who work quickly, and their work is average in quality. Of course, it is best to find a person who does it promptly and efficiently. From what you have presented, a good plumber will do every job in a few hours. But this is on average. Some can do it faster, but again, make sure that this does not affect the quality of work.

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    I will if my finances allow

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