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Thread: Crazy lumber prices

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    Default Crazy lumber prices

    People are buying more homes, people are fixing more homes, new construction is up, and natural disaster and riots require boarding one word: Demand.
    - Mortgage rate under 2% ??
    - I have bought many homes in my life, and the lowest that I ever gotten was 9.5%.
    The highest, are you sitting down ? 22% mortgage.

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    I also faced the problem of high prices.. this is terrible

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    In late 2020 and early 2021, prices for lumber and steel began to rise. This was due to the high demand for this group of goods. Over time, a shortage formed, as a result of which other products began to become more expensive. In May, the government drew attention to this problem and increased export duties. In private housing construction, steel is used as reinforcement in foundations, for reinforcing masonry, binding belts, etc. Prices for sheet metal roofing materials that are used for fences and roofs have crept up. I decided to turn to Mortgage Advice Derby to take out a suitable mortgage for this. And I did it.

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