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Thread: BMW Loyalty Credit - Does the dealer contribute?

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    Default BMW Loyalty Credit - Does the dealer contribute?

    I sent a request through the USAA car purchase service, and 3 dealers contacted me. No one has a suitable option for my request yet, but it looks like one of them has a much better discount. For example, an offer on an M40i with a sticker priced at $64,995 represented a $7,356 MSRP discount plus a $500 USAA discount at a final price of $57,139.

    When I asked how the BMW loyalty loan would work with their existing offers, I got very inaccurate answers such as "we can always offer you the best deal" and they behaved as if they really didn't want to talk about the loan. Does the loyalty loan require a contribution from both the dealer and BMW Corporation to further reduce their profits? Or can I get a $1,500 loyalty discount directly from BMW over and above the seller's MSRP discount?

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    I believe BMW franchises are financially independent of BMW NA.

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    I had about the same experience. I went to an official dealer and decided to take a ride in a BMW X3. I liked everything, and the sales manager offered to book the car. I had no doubts about the dealers reputation at the time - the Internet was full of good reviews. I like bargaining, so we agreed with the manager about the discount. The dealer gave 17% of the price - this is a perfect discount for the car. But I had to take the car on credit to get the discount. I was doubtful because I have the same mortgage with Mortgage Advisor Manchester, and was afraid they would refuse. But they gave me approval, and I soon paid it off early. What's your experience with a car loan?

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