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Thread: What is it with Commercial AV companies?

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    Default What is it with Commercial AV companies?

    First off I love you guys. You do things I still struggle to understand. I work as an IT Manager at a 400 person company in SF. We can not for the life of us get an AV company to be responsive for projects. We have are on our 3rd AV company and want to deploy Lifesize and can not get a response back. We reached out to another large AV company and have not heard back after a few days. We are trying to throw money at these people.
    Any who is this typical in the industry? Is it you guys have so much work you can not keep up with new requests or companies that sparingly need AV work? Genuinely curious.

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    In a word, yes. The AV industry is a rapidly growing field that is going through some major changes where the convergence of IT is concerned. That combined with a growing construction / building sector, most companies are having a hard time keeping up. Good techs, programmers, and field engineers are hard to come by. Throw in rapidly developing technology that requires considerable continuing education and you have a perfect storm. Most potential employees who have the required IT background will still need to gain the AV specific skill set, and even then they are most likely able to earn more in IT. Those with the AV background have to beef up on their IT skill set, which can be challenging.

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