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    Hi, has anybody experimented with Collagen supplements, I have noticed more becoming available in the health food shops and wondered if anybody has experienced any success with them?

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    With a lack of collagen, bones and joints become brittle, nails and hair become brittle and fall out.

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    Collagen is my personal lifeboat to slow down aging. From the age of 25, a person produces less collagen, so we begin to age. Collagen should be used not only as injections and care but also as a remedy that you consume. Collagen from collagen plus is very good. It's a little disgusting to take, but hair and nails now grow without difficulty. I have long heard about such dietary supplements as collagen. Still, I have always been afraid to try it because the reviews on collagen are always very contradictory, but I did not regret that I tried.

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