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Thread: The growth of the tourism business through Twitter and forums

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    Default The growth of the tourism business through Twitter and forums

    I have recently started a side business related to travel and I want to develop it. The audience at the moment is intended only for those who want to go to San Francisco, and in the future it will include other cities. Google Advertising is in development, but currently there are problems with getting a low enough CPC to make it worth it. The next obvious step is search engine optimization with lots of articles about "The 10 best Places for XYZ", "The 10 best Places to avoid!", etc.

    At the same time, I'm also looking at growth through Twitter and travel forums. The problem I see with this is that the growth is linear. The product is intended for one-time use, so it's not clear if I should spend hours on Twitter answering questions about what to do in San Francisco.

    I would like to make a mistake here and increase my audience on Twitter, but I don't see how this will lead to exponential growth in the long run if at some point you don't reach word of mouth. I would like to hear how this is a viable growth option and how it works.

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    I think you started your business at a perfect time because now everyone is waiting to begin traveling. The pandemic has restricted people's freedom of movement worldwide, and even if no one wanted it before, when something is forbidden, you unwittingly begin to resist it. I agree with the guys above, if you really can't handle it, then take helpers, but if you can handle it yourself, it's better to invest money in advertising your services. Whether it's Facebook or Instagram, advertising will only help you in the development of your business. Also, pay attention to extensive travel services and take an example from sites such as They have good contextual advertising and have a lot to learn. In general, good luck to you

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