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Thread: Terrible radiator smell ... please help me... I'm very desperate

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    Default Terrible radiator smell ... please help me... I'm very desperate

    I rent an apartment in a house with 40 apartments and 4 other buildings connected to it, for a total of 200 apartments. A few years ago, one of my radiators started emitting a strong chemical smell, which eventually disappeared, but never disappeared. The following winter I asked for help, which ended with the radiator being painted, replaced with a new one, then the old one was taken out of an empty apartment and returned to a new one. The only thing he did was change the smells. It's so bad I can't turn on the radiator, leaving one of my bedrooms damn cold.

    I asked a bunch of my neighbors in my house, and about 7-8 apartments have the same problem with radiators, some even with heating pipes in the bathroom or kitchen, which they can't turn off. And it's so interesting that these are random apartments. For example, the neighbors above and below have no problems, but the neighbor in the corridor may have such a problem. And also neighbors who have problems with the radiator also have problems with water when in the shower it ranges from hot to cold. We suspect it's a boiler, but if it was, everyone would have problems. Super sarcastic says he doesn't feel anything and the homeowners won't do anything. The housing court was useless because the smells did not violate. We don't have money for a new apartment. Please help me.

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    I'm sorry that you are faced with this, I know firsthand how hard it is

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    I have exactly the same situation, and it's not clear why it all started

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    It seems to me that you will not remove it yourself in any way. If the radiator emits an unpleasant chemical smell, this is either a problem in the pipes, or the radiator is too dirty and needs to be cleaned from dust and dirt inside. If this also does not help, I can only advise you to use Professional Odor Removal, since this tool neutralizes such odors well from any surface. I use it myself to remove the smell of cigarettes from my balcony, which comes from the neighbors from above. I wouldn't say I like the smell of cigarettes, but I can't kick people out from above or forbid them to smoke, so I use this remedy.

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