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Thread: Best PC configuration for Autocad 2016?

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    Default Best PC configuration for Autocad 2016?

    I was recently hired as a landscape designer. Currently, the company only makes manual drawings, but they want me to submit computer projects (Autocad). I will only do 2D drawings in Autocad, as they want me to learn another program for 3d rendering. For this reason, I believe that Autocad 2016 will be the best choice in terms of functionality and price.
    The computers here are very old, and that is why they want to buy me a new computer. I looked at the system requirements for Autocad 2016 and, to be honest, computer conversation sounds like a different language to me. I tried to find a computer with system requirements, but there are so many options that I really dont know where to start.
    Bottom line: Does anyone have any recommendations as to which PC system is best suited for Autocad 2016 (including the tower and display monitor)?
    The company prefers Dells, but I am sure I can convince them to use a different brand if necessary.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    The same here.

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    AutoCAD? No way bro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harymol View Post
    AutoCAD? No way bro.
    Why not? Autocad is one of those things that really is quality software. Personally, it works very well, no complaints. I started using it since I found this autocad lt. Since then, it has become for me just about the only meaningful resource that helps me to simplify the process of graphic design using 3D objects. The process itself becomes much easier and faster, and it helps simplify the process. That's what I'm talking about, so the OP is following the right direction. I support him in this regard because I use such software.

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