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Thread: Sad Reality of Agents Business Model

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    Default Sad Reality of Agents Business Model

    The sad reality is that the authors are at the low end of an inverted business model with low coefficients. Publishers have effectively delegated their stacks of slush to agents who only make money when they sell a manuscript to a publisher. Authors should take into account the whims of agents, special requirements for request formats and deadlines in the hope that they will choose their manuscript, sell it and charge them 15% of the advance and any money that the book will bring. Thus, a long wait, disappointment and a high probability of disappointment, even if we find an agent, is the price we pay for our creative impulses.

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    No way.

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    Didn't you know how modern business works? Yes, now there are many different ways to cheat to earn more money. It is the whole of capitalism. Moreover, recently I also wanted to do my own business, but I had no luck with the people I hired, and also I could not correctly develop my startup. I realized that I had a goal and I should achieve it, and first of all, I decided to take financial courses on startup development. And then I started studying the world economy after reading a lot of books. Now my business is gradually growing, and I realized one thing, knowledge is all the power.

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