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Thread: similar music service?

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    Default similar music service?

    Hi everyone, I am already tired of paying for a subscription to spotify or apple music. Please advise a similar music service that will be free. Thank you in advance.

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    what a pity that we have to pay to listen to music at all

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    you can try something like local applications in google market

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    Recently I faced the problem of incorrect withdrawal of funds from the account for a subscription in Spotify. Of course, this is not so much, but it is doubtful to waste money for a student like me, especially since I was charged $ 5 more than my subscription. Technical support responded to me, but I had already managed to untie my card from the application. In general, I don't want to use paid subscriptions anymore either. For several weeks now, I have been listening to music through music streaming services free, as this is the most convenient and accessible service with similar services. I like everything about it, but I still don't quite figure out how to create my playlists

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