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Thread: Home insurance that covers theft of bikes from shed

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    Default Home insurance that covers theft of bikes from shed

    Our home buildings and content will be updated soon, and I just realized that the bikes cover has a maximum amount of 1 thousand 5 pounds per bike, a maximum of 3 thousand pounds. Alas, this is not enough to cover all four bikes that we currently have. For the replacement cost, we are looking at 9 thousand pounds!

    We are only concerned about theft from home, which in practice means a barn. Has anyone managed to find a home insurer who has no problems with such an offer?

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    Oh wow, now this is expensive

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    That's way too much

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    If you're staying at a house, why aren't you depositing them inside of it? This way, you would make sure that no one is going to steal them. On the other hand, you can look out for better insurance, like the one from or any other company that suits your needs. These days, having your bike assured has become the new standard. There are way too many bad people out there that are willing to steal from you. It's better to have every safety measure that's available in order to avoid an unfortunate incident

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