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    Hi everyone, I was looking for some advice. I have a 10-month-old rescue puppy from Spain and I've been struggling to find food that she likes and doesn't cause stomach upset. She is a very mixed breed (we even paid for a dna test out of curiosity and she returned a little bit of everything: rotfl:!)

    She's had issues with being picky about food, so she's currently getting a mix of dry and wet food with a few treats for training, but she's going through phases where she doesn't eat much. We've been giving her a pedigree for the past few months, but I've heard horror stories about the ingredients not being very nutritious. She had a rough start before we rescued her, so I want to give her something to try and help with any damage that might have been done. My heart broke when we were told that the dogs were fed donated food, and if it starts to run out, they will be fed every other day so that it lasts longer.

    Any advice on what good quality food is suitable for a sensitive tummy? She is a very windy dog, so it would be very helpful to stop something: rotfl:

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    Can't tell ya, man.

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    When I first learned about Pedigree, and it was a very long time ago, at the very beginning of the receipt of their products, I was delighted with this brand. But then, when their company became much more significant, the food quality became terrible because they already had a name, which allegedly had quality and a reasonable price. Now I would never feed them my pet's food in my life. By the way, I recently came across an article in Ruff Hero describing that many dogs need to be given healthy supplements, and I didn't even know that. And it is those supplements, and mainly vitamins, that allow different breeds of dogs to live with congenital problems with some organs, much longer than usual!

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