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Thread: Can you travel for fishing?

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    Default Can you travel for fishing?

    The travel rule in the governments guidelines in the new restrictions is that you can travel for a variety of reasons, including:
    -to spend time or exercise outdoors - it should be done on the spot where possible, but you can travel to do it if necessary.
    Thus, regardless of peoples opinion about the morality of fishing trips, since fishing is a permitted activity, it looks as if the trip was allowed.

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    Cool, I can. But we are strictly with the rules of fishing
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    I do not know such orders, I fish when I want
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    I have not heard of any restrictions, all organized outdoor sports are allowed, I hope nothing will change. But we are faced with slightly different rules...Im just a fan of fishing with my friends, by the way, my girlfriend also loves this business. We recently returned from fishing in Munich, but there are very strict fishing rules, we took care of obtaining permits (fishing licenses) and got a subscription. Believe me, thats not all... but how much fun and adrenaline... By the way, we rented a car and went to Neuschwanstein, this is my girlfriends dream. Here it is The charms of this place are really mesmerizing, even I was surprised. I digress, I hope I helped you with your question.
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