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    I got an email from Milk Bone dog bones. You can take a picture of your dog, fill out the online form and pay a price and they will send you a box of Milk Bones with your dog’s picture on the front! I cannot remember how much it cost for 1 box, but the more you order the cheaper it is. If interested just go on Milk, I am sorry I do not have the link anymore. My box came out amazing, so since I have 5 guys, I am going back to order 4 more (1 of each).

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    This is the first time I've seen a campaign like this. It's genius! Btw Milk Bones has very adorable dogs on the original boxes, too. I wouldn't order the picture packs from them now, but this gave me a great idea. The fact is, it's been a whole year since the doctors saved my pug from cancer. I ordered him a lot of medication, especially CBD oil. It was the most effective. If anyone needs information about CBD, explore this resource Anyway, in honor of the anniversary, I'm going to order a sculpture in the shape of my pug.

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    That is heartwarming, I'm glad your dog is safe and recovered. Cancer is such a terrible disease. I had a similar experience with my dog Rex. At 5 years old he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We were running out of options and so we turned to CBD oil. I couldn't believe how well it worked. After six months of regular useage the cancer had gone into remission. Rex is going on 8 years now and is healither than ever. I found this article useful in deciding between CBD products Wishing you all the best!

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    I aslo have a dog and I love him to much. As you know that nowaday we are in winter season and for that we need accessorries for ourself to save our self from harsh environment. As the same thing happen with animals so when I need any accessories I always purchase from Pet Store beacuse they arte best and provide good services. moreover my love milk very much I unable able to find a good milkn for my dog so thank to you that you tell us about it I will going to order from them a box of a milk.

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    Thanks, quite innteresting info for me.

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