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Thread: Low prey drive dog breed?

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    Default Low prey drive dog breed?

    After a lot of nagging, the guy said that he might think about getting a new puppy after we settled in a new house. It's a "yes" if I've ever heard that!

    Besides the delinquent, which I'm not really worried about, we have pet rabbits. Our rotti/lab/Heinz 57 does a great job with them, but I'm pretty sure it was just an accident.

    Which dog breeds that you can think of traditionally have a low craving for prey?

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    Well, I can't help you.

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    <span data-sheets-formula-bar-text-style="font-size:13px;color:#000000;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:none;font-family:'Arial';font-style:normal;text-decoration-skip-ink:none;">Hey there. In case you&#39;re worried about your rabbits, then I would advise getting a lab. These are the kindest dogs in the world. Super-friendly. Before getting any kind of dog, I can also recommend familiarizing yourself with an article about Dog Care. I think you&rsquo;ll find the info there helpful. After all, if you want your dog to be happy, you need to treat it like a child, which includes playing games. My boy likes to hide and seek, and now I do too .</span></p>
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