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Thread: Heating and Cooling a Warehouse

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    Default Heating and Cooling a Warehouse

    I am in the process of opening a dog boarding facility in Atlanta, GA. We have an area in the back of a warehouse that has 16ft. ceilings and is 900 square feet. There are also 3-10 roll-up doors. I have attached a rough sketch. It essentially acts as a buffer between the outside, where the dogs will be playing, and the inside, which has full HVAC.

    The area does have electricity & is insulated but does not have HVAC. I know with rollup doors being open most of the day that it would cost a fortune to keep the room at a comfortable temp.

    My question: what is the most cost-effective way to keep the temperature bearable during the warm and cold months? I have been looking at HVLS fans for cooling but I was not sure if anyone else had any suggestions. Also, I have no idea what to do to heat the room in the colder months.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey! When I had to install warehouse heating, it was a real challenge for me. Firstly, it was very difficult to find a good heating supplier of this type, and secondly, the installation is just flour! Fortunately, I was a little lucky and I was able to find such warehouse heating
    It is excellent in quality and fulfills its function perfectly. This eased my suffering a little.

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