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    Howdy All,

    For those who have had a LG V device in the past you'all know what is coming - how do we trick the quad DAC into high impedance mode (HIM) or AUX mode?

    For those who do not know here's a little background. The previous LG V series phones have had a very nice DAC and AMP setup which can almost meet the standards of audiophile quality. The thing was that in the later phones (V20 and V30 AFAIR) the software was designed to "smart switch" which mode the AMP was in. HIM and AUX mode settings had the loudest volumes and was corresponding to the headphone impedance value. The normal setting had the lowest volume designed for low impedance IEMs. Note that the AMP setting doesn't really have a bearing on sound QUALITY, just sound VOLUME. I'm guessing but the reasoning for this is to prevent blown IEMs and blown eardrums. I'm going to find the link for the old V30 quad DAC thread and some stuff tried and what worked in order to activate AUX mode and/or HIM. BTW having ROOT on the phone allows for adjusting this setting as needed, which is why I went with the unlocked version this time around. My pair of MrSpeakers Aeon Flows have low impedance but need power in order to drive properly and the AMP in the V series phones would only trigger normal impedance mode.

    So that brings us to the V40. Does it have a quad DAC? Yes it does. Does it have a smart switching AMP? So far my indications are yes it does. Do the old tricks from the V30 days work on the V40? I don't think that they do. I have multiple extension cables, which I use for triggering the AUX mode as well as an impedance adapter (50ohms I think). The old methods of using the extension cable, the adapter, and both don't seem to have an effect on the AMP setting. My Sony MDR-1As are much louder than my Aeon Flows...bummer for me.

    UPDATE - Upon further testing with the help of this app: I was able to trigger the AUX AMP mode and it kicked up the volume on my Sony's quite a bit! Unfortunately when I triggered HIM the volume of the sound did not change from the normal mode. Basically what I did was take a 2ft 3.5mm cable extension (male on one side female on the other) and plug it in WITHOUT THE HEADPHONE CABLE ATTACHED. Once the HIFI status app displayed AUX mode I then plugged in my HPs and BOOM, here comes the volume!

    Anyways if you have anything to add or have any questions feel free to hit us up. When root is available I will also make updates to this thread if need be.

    Have a good one :highfive:

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    LG phones have no prospects on the market

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    They have great processors compared to all the Androids

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    Apparently, the cool sound came straight from the LG G7. First of all, it is an advanced Sabre ES9218PC digital-to-analog converter from ESS Technology. Secondly, to increase the volume, here is a resonance chamber with bass amplification (Boombox) If you put the smartphone on a wooden table with the backside, the sound volume is almost 100 dB. Thirdly, there is a DTS:X 3D Surround Sound effect for 7.1-channel sound when listening to music with headphones. The recorder also records audio in FLAC format.

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