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    I live in Texas. And some of my friends are starting to install solar panels? They say that it is now profitable and economical. Tell me is it really so?

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    Hi, I think to answer your question you need to give some numbers. This site contains information about state Texas on the statistical comparison of prices for conventional electricity and those obtained from solar panels. So, if you now place solar panels in your household in Texas, you will receive an average of 6634.49 kWh of electricity obtained from solar panels per year. A good indicator. You remember the power outage this winter in Texas, when there were just comical electricity prices due to the winter cold. So, in order not to find yourself in a similar situation again, you should think about providing yourself with electricity, which you can also sell.

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    Thank you for your help. I think I will get panels for my house soon. Because, I don't want to pay space prices for electricity again, like this year.

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