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Thread: Has anyone visited Chernobyl?

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    Default Has anyone visited Chernobyl?

    What time of the year is it best to go to Chernobyl?

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    Last year, as part of my trip to Ukraine, I was in Chernobyl. I saw the abandoned Ferris wheel, preschool, pier with flooded pier, city pool, the Red Forest. This made a crazy impression on me. You need to see to know and remember

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    We have long wanted to visit Chernobyl and it was a great opportunity to see the abandoned city with our own eyes. I definitely advise everyone to visit it. Such trips are interesting at any time of the year. And you can contact chernobyltour. Here special chernobyl holidays group programs can be developed to celebrate a specific date.
    I would say chernobyl is one of the best place to explore the different things and many people come here to see the different places off the chernobyl.

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