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Thread: Boot decisions..

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    Default Boot decisions..

    In my short 8 year masonry career I?ve always used soft toe boots.. No specific reason just what I?ve always felt most comfortable in. Now this past Thursday I was unhooking the compressor form the truck and the leg gave out. Lucky for my I had my foot in the perfect position to catch the brake box with my toes. Of course they?re fractured, that?s besides the point.

    Now I?m being a sissy I feel like and running out to get steel toed boots. Reason for this post is to ask.. steel toe, or composite toe? From experience what?s the difference really and what would you recommend?

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    I spend a lot of time in the woods and need a good work boot to hold up to that and still look good enough for work. I usually go with Danner Acadia 8" leather boots, but they don't make them anymore. I've tried Red Wing Iron Rangers and Timberland Pro boots, and both fell short of my needs for the work environment. Nowadays, the best boots for me are the ones from These guys are making the best boots on the market that are the best for work. They're very comfy, and I am very delighted.

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