Treatments for Covid-19 are a vital component of the response to the pandemic. Although new drugs like molnupiravir require more testing and review, it is believed that Molnupiravir will offer a strong and targeted treatment for COVID-19. A drug like molnupiravir could be especially useful because it is administered in the early stages of the disease. Since it’s just a pill, it may spare the patient from visiting a clinic or a hospital setting for the transfusion of treatments like monoclonal antibodies. That reduces the chances of an infected patient transmitting the virus to the medical staff, and it averts potential complications associated with transfusions. Also, pills are also much easier to store and transport as compared to transfused drugs and vaccines, so they can reach more remote areas with fewer resources. Merck said that they are setting up tiered pricing for molnupiravir, meaning that it could cost less in other countries.
There is a gap due to the shortage of vaccines and also the development of new variants of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV) that are resistant to vaccines as Omicron. Also, there are many countries that do not get even a single shot of vaccine because of transportation issues and conditions for storage. There is hope that this oral antiviral drug, Molnupiravir will fill that gap and would be an effective medicine in controlling this pandemic of COVID-19. As it is proved to be an effective remedy for coronavirus.