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Thread: RS5 sports diff data lost

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    Default RS5 sports diff data lost

    Hi all

    Really hope someone can shed some light
    We have a 2010 RS5 in with us with a leaky rear diff, the diff worked fine just leaking. Customer very upset with Audi as they wanted 9k+ to replace it
    I told him to get a used diff and we would fit it, i looked up the part number gave it to the customer and he went hunting for one. Once he had sourced one, he brought it into us we checked it out and it looked like for like so we fitted it (easy). Once the job was completed my tech said the diff warning light was on so we checked it out and it was from that point we learned that you can’t just throw a diff in without inputting oil pressure sensor and clutch pack data into the module but unfortunately by this point, in short, we had $#@!ed it, and lost all data

    I have been to an Audi specialist who had online diagnostics where he spent a good couple of hours trying to sus it but had no luck. I have been in contact with technical advisor from Ross-tech and his advice was to post on here because of that fact we had lost the data from the sensors

    Really in the S**T with this one so any advice will be greatly appreciated at this point

    Please find log file below of the modules with faults

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    No way, dude!

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    Hi, in your case, I would contact a data recovery service. I think specialists from there can help you. I know several services because I recently encountered a similar problem that you described, and I could fix it (of course, I had to pay a lot of money, but still). If you are still interested in solving this problem, you can write to me in private messages, and I can share with you a few contacts that may help you, but I do not promise this. I hope you understand me, if you have any questions, write to me, I will answer everything, good luck to you.

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