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Thread: Lease and Windshield Replacement

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    Default Lease and Windshield Replacement

    Wasn't sure where to post this. Settled on Buying forum since it is about a lease.

    I need to have my cracked windshield replaced. I scheduled with Safelite mainly because of the convenience of them coming to you and doing it on-site.

    But now I'm questioning if this is even OK with a lease. Does anyone know if I have to go through Jeep and get an OEM replacement, or if a 3rd party like Safelite is OK. I'm thinking that even if I went through my insurance company I probably wouldn't get OEM.

    I don't want to get dinged for a full replacement at end of lease just because I didn't use OEM.
    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    You have to get a replacement.

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    You better go through Jeep and get an OEM replacement. I mean, I think that's better and much safer. Taking a lease is a pretty good idea, and you could try to do exactly as you said. After all, many people resort to leases and loans because that's the safest way to get something. Even the same house, have you ever seen someone buy a house with cash? I did not see. Everyone uses a mortgage. Even when I bought my house in Hull, I asked for help from Mortgage Broker Hull to know that everything was under control and official.

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