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Thread: The Stunning Untouched Countryside Where its Just Animals Who Run Free

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    Forum The Stunning Untouched Countryside Where its Just Animals Who Run Free

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    I love that freedom, guys! That’s the feeling I’ve been striving for all of my life. I think it’s the main thing a man should strive for - freedom. It’s so pleasant to see animals being free and untouched. You know, once I went to Africa. The reason I went there was a safari. I was very eager to see animals in their natural habitat. It was very exciting when we saw lions coming close to us. It was terrifying, actually, but it was exactly what I wanted. Tbh, the safari was a part of my mental health issue treatment. It all started with my mother’s death, so I just needed to live it through somehow. Luckily wife found me an emotional support animal here, so I managed to get through that time. Now I’m living my happy life. Btw, I still try to spend as much time as possible watching animals in their habitats. That’s relieving in some sense.

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