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    Hi<br />
    I am wondering if I can get banned for using VPN while playing Siege? I live in the US and in early morning hours queue times are abysmal. I often play with my friends in Europe anyway, accepting the higher ping. However, when they&#39;re not playing and I decide to play myself, would using VPN to switch to a EU server get me banned?<br />
    Ubisoft has an article recommending caution but that&#39;s about that. Is there any other bit of info I am missing?</p>

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    Why would using proxy cause a ban on your Ubisoft account! I don't see something in using proxy servers while playing online in video games made by Ubisoft. For example, when I was a child, I spammed on numerous websites, so my home IP was on different spamming lists, and I couldn't access many websites. It is why I always use Turkish proxies to hide my real IP. I often forget to turn it off and start playing video games made by Ubisoft in the multiplayer regime, and I didn't get banned from the game.

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    I don't think get banned by using VPN

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