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Thread: Replacement Keys needed!

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    Default Replacement Keys needed!

    I have a 2009 Flagstaff HW29SC and need replacement keys for the outside storage compartments. One broke and the other we just want an additional key.
    Any luck on getting them? Thank you in advance for any direction given!

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    Oh, c'mon your local locksmith will get you a new pair of keys.

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    There are several options for you to get new pairs of keys. The first one is to contact your dealer and ask him to send you new keys. You should expect that he will charge you a higher price than in other places on the market. Probably, the time till you will get the keys will be also long. The second option is to call the locksmith strand, and see how they can help you. A year ago, they helped me to replace the keys fast and on a good price. The last option is to go to the nearest local garage, and ask them to help you. Be really attentive they might charge you money in advance, and in the end will say they don't have the proper equipment.
    Good luck!

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