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    Default Screwy usps delivery

    I’m in California, my package starts out in Portland, OR, then goes north to Kent, WA, then north to Seattle, WA, before it starts going south to Stockton, CA. Now it has to start going north again to Oroville. Go figure, I’m sure it makes sense to the Post Office, collection points and distribution centers.

    I know that I can mail a letter in Oroville, to someone else in Oroville, but the letter must first travel 26 miles south to Marysville, before returning to Oroville, for delivery.

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    Thanks for the information!

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    Now, given the circumstances on the world market, the structure of this company is unlikely to change. All existing types of shipments within and outside the country have their own tariff plans. Internal delivery works in the shortest possible time. It makes sense to use it in the case of purchases in online stores that do not ship orders outside the United States. Then it is convenient for the buyer to use the services of intermediaries or forwarding companies. However, I recently learned that the company has new features, for example, such as tracking parcels using

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