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    Default Good Stock Trading Journal App

    Can anyone recommend a good stock trading journal app for linux? I've been looking and I haven't found exactly anything that fits. A trade journal is used to track the success of your trades and identify trends that are not clear otherwise.

    A good example of a web based service is (paid web based version).

    If something does NOT exist, I might actually write my own and contribute it to the community, would anyone else be interested in such a program?

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    Thank you for sharing! These are some really good stock journal apps. It helps to easily follow the prices of the stocks you have invested in. I like the journal apps because I am always up to the updates on the prices, so if something risky happens, I can easily withdraw my money. I am a novice trader, so such apps are extremely helpful. Furthermore, I have started as a forex broker with a $1 minimum deposit, so I could try to enter the world of trading without risking a lot of money in the beginning.

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    How do you journal a stock trade?
    Always begin the journal before the trade, and end it after the trade.

    Always begin the journal before the trade, and end it after the trade.
    Write down everything. ...
    Pay very close attention to your emotions. ...
    Make sure the journal includes observations about you and your trading and about the forex market.

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