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    Hi I need to replace a wooden front door that is 30+ years old (1990 x 805mm) but the size is tricky. A carpenter has said that he is willing to trim one that is nearest (1981 x 838) and add to the height by adding wood to the bottom, which will be covered by the weatherboard. The plan is to use a Howden glazed and primed hardwood/MDF door (Richmond style), but it states a max 5mm of trimming. Although I understand all guarantees are void, the fact that he was willing to do it and he has been recommended by the local glazier reassured me, but the more I read, I am now worried that it will expose the core of the door which is north facing. Hoping it will last 20 years or so. If it did expose the core, what could be done and should I be asking for something to be done to support the edges regardless? By my reckoning, 16.5mm will need to be taken off each side! Would I be wasting my money? I really don't want upvc...And although the height isn't enough, would anything need to come off the top as read something about stiles and rails (I know, a little knowledge n all that)....? Maybe someone knows how much you can safely remove from one of these doors from experience? I also read that XL Joinery and LPD doors can have 10mm taken off - which suggests to me more in reality? Is there anywhere else I can find a door that will fit better. Any suggestions or comments gratefully received. Thank you for your help!

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    Why do you need to replace what you have? it is likely to be much better quality than all the veneered/engineered wood doors around. You have to pay serious money for a high quality solid wood door these days (circa 1K+). If there is any way of refurbishing and even modifying what you have, it may be a better job.

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