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Free MC Boot is an 'exploit' that allows a user to install it on official 8MB Sony MC's as well as 3rd party cards. (with the exception of those needing a boot disc to be recognized or cloned Chinese cards)


- Added CNF-Support (thanx to beerboy for the idea)
- Added support to launch OSDSYS (auto and manual) by Neme
- Added FastBoot-Support
- Fixed Bug on PS2-Slim-Consoles, that were freezing on "decrypting dvdelf"

It creates only your osdxxx.elf file and an empty BOOT folder on the Memory Card.

You can optionnally put in the same folder that the installer :
- "DVDELF.BIN" file to replace your rom dvdelf taken by default for inject (It must be encrypted, so just taken out from rom).
- "BOOT.ELF" file to be injected in dvdelf and replace the Free McBoot loader.

The installer creates a mcX:/SYS-CONF/FREEMCB.CNF config file if it not already exist.

Config Options :
- for boot from usb use for example : mass:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
- for boot from memcard use for example : mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF or mc1:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
- you can use too for example : mc?:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF it wills check for the file in the two slots
- LK_???_E1 entries are first boot attempt, and LK_???_E2 entries are secondary boot file
- All LK_???_E1 and LK_???_E2 entries can either be set to a path or to "OSDSYS", in the second case if no key is pressed you will be rejected to the browser. If you set a path it will be booted if no key pressed.
- AutoBoot_Disc option allow to check if a ps2 disk is present (Close the tray !!!) and boot it, set it to 0 to avoid this.
- Debug_Screen set to 1 allow to keep the Green debug screen if no boot file is found, if set to 0 reject to browser.

By default, config file is set to boot like that (if you press R1) :
BOOT2.ELF if you press R2.
BOOT3.ELF if you press L1.
BOOT4.ELF if you press L2.
Rejected to browser if no key pressed or no boot file found.
It auto boot ps2 disks so close your cdvd tray.

You should not see Red screen if the CNF is readed, if you experience red screen check that you have config file in valid path.

If you don't want of this config file, delete it !


If no config file is found the loader boots like 1.4 :
- mass0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF
- mc0:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT.ELF (where ? is your region.)

If you hold R1 button:
- mass0:/BOOT/BOOT1.ELF
- mc0:/B?DATA-SYSTEM/BOOT1.ELF (where ? is your region.)
If you hold R2 it boots BOOT2.ELF, L1->BOOT3.ELF, L2->BOOT4.ELF

If you have a red screen at boot, this means no boot file found, check that you have a BOOT.ELF file in boot folders.

The Cross-Linking trick has been removed, it will become optional in future release,
but I need to fix some issues before.

Known Bugs:
- On some ps2 versions it will fails to correct naming osd file, it will call it osdmain.elf by default, all you have to do is name it correctly.
- The formatter will not work properly if the memory card have bad blocks.
- The installer uses XSIO2MAN and other extended modules, so PS2 without these modules will fail to run installer.

- Updated DVDELF Inject to 1.3R1 by Neme
- Custom elf file inject has been disabled (but now you can use the 75kb DVDELF)
- Added light loader to support 75kb dvdelf.
- Boot elfs can be differents if you press a button.

Download and give feedback and Compatability reports via comments