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Thread: Game Review: Quake (Wii-Homebrew)

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    Rev Game Review: Quake (Wii-Homebrew)

    This review is gonna be a bit different from usual. Although I'm reviewing an amazing piece of homebrew, to be able to fully play it you'd need two files from the actual game, which is roughly still 10 USD. Since its still technically a commercial game...

    Also, seeing as this is a homebrew release of a rather old game, this review will be more reminiscient of past Miniviews. My normal reviews won't be this small.

    Producer: id Software
    Developer: id Software
    Genre: Revolutionary FPS
    Port by: Elaun

    Proving that one of the best shooters ever can be remade, and still be fun today.

    One of the original fully rendered 3D shooters
    Ok, lets get one thing straight; this game was released in 1996. Naturally then, by today's standards you can't expect much. But comparatively speaking, this game had THE best graphics for its time. Fully rendered 3D models and environments were both new and unseen by the time. Everything from weapons to monsters are fully rendered in #d with bloody haunting textures that seem to be id's passion with their FPS genre. The textures are made to be freaky and scary, and at the time, they were the freakiest thing you've ever seen. Quake looks better then most PSX games easy. Water effects are plain and simply, basically just a texture you can move through. Gun fire effects are part of the guns themselves, which are actually all 3D models themselves. Blood effects and splattering were exceptional for its time in '96, and also controversial (OHZES NOEZ! BLOOD! CALL JACK THOMPSON!) In other words, Quake looks even better then a NDS, Wiiware, or XBL game these days. Heck, it even looks better then most PSP games.

    If you saw this when it first came out in '96 you woulda crapped yourself.

    Back in the days of the blood-curtling splatter of enemies that have just been turned into blood and piecemeal, Quake existed and set part of the standard. Enemies moan and grunt as they take damage, and everything from zombies to yetis splatter in a glorious SPLAT! sound. Even Mathew Kain (the player) groans and screams from time to time as you take damage. However, sound effects were the best part of sound effects. Voice acting doesn't exist, and music is only decent. When it comes down to it, while the haunted-house style music is fitting and definately works, its a far-cry from the masterpiece soundtrack that id produced with its classic Doom. Whatever works I suppose...

    Zombies. The original splattering enemy.

    Wiimote control? In Quake? ****ING AWESOME!
    Quake has always been a great classic shooter that set a new standard with its revolutionary ideas and gameplay. But for decades the style of playing the classic FPS has held many a game down in the way of gameplay style. But no longer, and that fact has been ripped to shreds by even the gaming community itself with Elaun's amazing port of Quake to the Wii. For me especially (being a huge long time Doom and Quake fan) this port is the extra twist I've and many other FPS fans have always wanted from this golden-age classic. The Wiimote control works great; the sensativeity is well tuned and the amount of force it takes to turn the screen is almost just right. Although it could take a little more fine tuning, the implementation of motion control in Quake has been professionally done (at least in my opinion. This beats Red Steel's crappy POS control by a mile.) Beyond the great new motion control, Quake is back and just as good as its ever been. With the exception of slightly long load times, Quake has been ported almost perfectly. Minor errors such as the screen-to-HUD ratio exist, but the are easily overlooked. Quake still features its super-actiony bloody shoot-em-up adventure that fans know and love. Featuring a huge cast of weapons to combat an even bigger cast of enemies, Quake is just as good as it ever was. Gun mechanics work perfect (as usual for id. They invented it!) and the autoaim helps the wiimote control to work even better. Powerups such as Quake dmage and the enviro suit help you to blast some mayhem to the monsters. 4 episodes and tons of levels and puzzles for each, this is a game that will hold you a good long time. Not as long as Doom, mind you (start minding!) but its still a long and fun time while your at it.

    Well, very small review, but lets finish it up, ay?

    Major Selling Points:

    ◄ Great Wiimote support
    ◄ An amazing classic, remade for the present
    ◄ A trip back to the 90's best.

    Major Breaking Points:
    ◄ Aging classic
    ◄ Little to no story

    Story: 3/5
    Quake does actually have a subtle story about a decent story of a marine fighting the early Strogg in order to collect Runes to save the earth. Sadly, you would hardly know this if yo didn't read the manual.

    Graphics: 4/5
    Still holding up brilliantly today, Quake shows some of the best that the 90's had to offer during its time of golden age games. Sadly, time has been a bit rough to it...

    Sound: 3/5
    Sound effects are amazingly done and well implemented. Music, not so much.

    Gameplay: 5/5
    A HUGE inhale of fresh air is breathed into Quake through the new support of Wiimote control.

    Value: 5/5
    Yep, value. Its a new rting in my reviews :P. As for it then, Quake is worth every penny, as long as its about 5-10 dollars. It may be homebrew, but it comes with shareware, and to play the full game on wii you need to actually buy the game. Fully worth it.

    Port(not added to the final score): 5/5
    Awesome. Now all we need is a Doom port with motion support.


    Quake is looking better then ever, and the new controls give it a totally new feel to it. Amazing game made even better.

    NOTE: I did NOT make or help make the port. This review is a fan review of Quake and its new root on Wii homebrew, and you can give Elaun the credit for the port.

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    I can't wait until someone makes another port with wii controls! this game plays very well with them.

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    awwww....i wish my big bro would let me do things to his wii so that i can play games like this. but he is the careful one.

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